About us

Globotics Industries Inc. Canada is a Multinational Company with current projects in 79 countries. We entered the Canadian Market in 2012 and secured a position within the Husky Energy Sunrise project.

Where we are

Globotics Industries Inc. is a company based in Edmonton, AB, capital of the Canadian province of Alberta.
Canadian headquarters are located at Scotia Place, Suite 2020 Tower 1, 10060 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton.


Globotics Industries provides companies with interactive, customized consulting services, using a structure that integrates all the specialties...


Globotics Industries provides effective solutions to any type of project, from the design of a new facility, to enhancing current facilities, through to revamps, upgrades...


Globotics Industries provides consulting services in the energy sector, divided into the two macro-categories of Oil&Gas and Power&Electricity...  


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Globotics Industries SA

Globotics Industries Ltd.